University of Minnesota


Kyle Shelton, Director

Kyle Shelton

Phone: 612-626-4061

Kyle Shelton is the Director of CTS. In this role he is also the Director of Accessibility Observatory, overseeing unit operations and strategy.

Andrew Owen, Lead Researcher

Phone: 612-624-7550

Andrew Owen

Andrew Owen is the lead researcher at the Accessibility Observatory and a researcher in the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies. Owen’s work focuses on building and applying systems for collecting, calculating, analyzing, and communicating data describing transportation systems. At the Accessibility Observatory, he leads the development and maintenance of tools to calculate nationwide, multimodal accessibility to a variety of destination types. Owen manages all Observatory projects and leads its research team. Owen joined the field of transportation research following a career in computer science and network security, and holds master’s degrees in civil engineering and in urban and regional planning.

Saumya Jain, Researcher

Saumya Jain

Phone: 612-624-7893

Shirley Shiqin Liu, Researcher

Shirley Shiqin Liu

Phone: 612-626-4052

The Accessibility Observatory is a program of the Center for Transportation Studies.